Hafidh Abaidullah Rana (Imam)

Imam Abaidullah Rana is the son of a scholar and chemical engineer who studied under Shaykhul-Hadith Molana Sarfraz Kahn Safdar (Rahimahullah). Alongside his elder brother, he memorized the Qur’an at the age of seven. He completed his Associates in Instrumentation Technology from the Swedish Institute of Technology and then moved to Saudi Arabia. On the advice of his teacher Mohammad Anwar who has been teaching in Madinah for over 30 years, Imam Abaidullah taught hifdh of the Qur’an in Masjid Shuaibee in Jeddah. He was under the supervision of Sh. Abdullah Basfar and became an imam under owqaaf in a ministry of the interior masjid in Jeddah. For the past two decades in Valley Stream, Qari Abaidullah has been serving in various capacities, including as the Imam of Masjid Hamza. As the Imam, he leads Salah, is a teacher in our Hifdh school and evening Quranic classes.

Phone: 516-285-8585 ext. 110

Imam Kashif Aziz (Resident Scholar)

Imam Kashif Aziz has been studying the traditional Islamic sciences from a young age. After graduating from middle school, he took admission at Al Fathiyyah Institute, an academy for Quran Memorization. He memorized the entire Quran by age sixteen.

After graduating from high school, he continued studying for the next eight years at Binnori Town University of Islamic Sciences, a distinguished Islamic seminary in Karachi, Pakistan. He completed an intensive curriculum that comprised of Arabic Language, Tafseer, Hadith and Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence).

After graduating from the ‘Aalim course (equivalent to M.A. in Islamic Theology), he served in Crescent School in Long Island, and then in Al Madinah School in Brooklyn, from 2002 to 2004. He served in the positions of Islamic Studies Teacher, Dean and Guidance Counselor.

Imam Kashif served for thirteen years as the Imam for Muhammadi Masjid in Elmont, NY. In addition to serving as a full time Imam, he was active in various social initiatives. He directed many programs and activities for the community including youth conferences, part-time weekend courses in the Islamic sciences, career development programs, youth mentoring workshops, Ramadhan I’tikhaf programs, programs for recent converts, Quran classes for adults, conducting marriage ceremonies and interfaith programs at local churches

Imam Kashif Aziz provides the following services:

  • Maintaining an email address and phone number for religious inquiries, office hours, etc.
  • Conducting the fourth Jummah (1st Jamat) every month.
  • Conducting the second and third Jummah (2nd Jamat) every month.
  • Holding office hours every Wednesday 6:30pm to 8:00pm and Saturday 2:15pm to 3:45pm.
  • Conducting a Halaqa after Maghreb or Isha (contingent on the season) Mondays and Wednesdays to increase knowledge and provide for spiritual growth of community members.
  • Conducting a youth/community program every 2nd Saturday of the month.
  • Conducting a community program every 4th Sunday of the month after Fajr.
  • Conducting Janaza Salahs and provide a brief reminder to the attendees at that time.

Phone: 516-285-8585 ext. 116

Mufti Mohammad Farhan (Consultant)

Mufti Farhan is a local scholar who works with various Maasjids & organizations throughout Nassau County, Queens and Brooklyn. He left after high school at an early age to Pakistan where he studied at Binoria International Islamic University earning a PhD in Islamic Fiqh. He has specialized in legal rulings, Islamic theology, Islamic economics and astronomy. He also serves as the director of Children of Adam, an organization that is shaping the way of the youth.

Mufti Mohammad Farhan provides the following services:

  • Saturday evening program every 1st, 3rd & 4th Saturday of the month.
  • Jummah Kuthbah every 2nd Friday of the month.
  • Maintaining an email address and phone number for inquiries on religious matters.

Phone: 516-285-8585 ext. 107